Garden Of Hope


A place of hope and a place of peace and tranquility, and wherever the hustles of the city may disturb your peace, it be better to find a place no other than a garden setting to ease the tension.


My MOM – You the universe upon which I dwell

My MOM - You the universe upon which I dwell

I think God took the fragrance
of a flower,
A pure white flower, which blooms
not for world praise
But which makes sweet and beautiful
some bower;
The compassion of the dew,
which gently lays
Reviving freshness on
the fainting earth,
And gives to all the tired things
new birth;
The steadfastness and radiance
of stars
Which lift the soul above
confining bars;
The gladness of fair dawns;
the sunset’s peace;
Contentment which from trivial rounds
asks no release;
The life which finds its greatest joy
in deeds of love for others…
I think God took these precious things
and made of them…mothers.

Introductory note about the Blog and the Blogger.

Thank you Reader and everyone for visiting my blog. It is with great importance and value that I introduce and share with you more about myself and the type of business to blog/write about since I will be a seasonal blogger. I am Francis Darrel Sakei, and  28 years old and an entrepreneur majoring in Business Management. My current place of residence is Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea. I have been residing in this city for almost 8 years now since moving in from my remote hamlet back in Lumi, in the West Sepik province.

Currently, I will be the only one contributing articles to this blog and as time goes on I will add a few more author and writers who can contribute to write about other issues that will be covered in here. It is open to a wide variety of humor, stories and articles of business, videos, pictures of this beautiful country and landscape to the shift in culture shock of two worlds side by side. The advantages of the ever expanding economy of this tiny Pacific nation to the dismay of the local population of indigenous people struggling to survive in the 21st Century and coping with modernization. This blog will educate, entertain and provide information for your perusal. I will be blogging about business, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and the lifestyle and it’s current trend. There will be questionnaire, quiz and polls on certain issues raised.

Last but not the least I encourage comments and feedback from all readers. Comments are encouraged and will be appreciated. In fact it would be a good to comment, which again can serve as a reference tool for me and my writers as well. I can be contacted via email provided, or on Facebook and Twitter.