Welcome to 2016

It’s been a while since I last posted and surely I have lost track of time and many things and would really love to catch up.
Since my last post, I have been quite busy working and trying to make ends meet but all too seriously its a struggle in a democracy like PNG, where cultures collides in a never ending system of nepotism, backstabbing, and the wantok system for all I can say. It’s always a life of 24/7 round the clock, sweating it out but I am sure to be handling it the best I can.
Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. It’s where I called home for the last 6 years, and will be for only time will tell. The country has experienced a favourable economic climate over the past 10 years due to political stability hence the rapid growth in infrastructure and services in the past few years. I can give credit to good governance I presume. The nations capital is in a rapid expansion programme initiated by reforms and smart ideas from the Governor and his team and the city hall. However to truely benefit from this, you have to actively participate. Most nationals I believe are now mere spectators in this game, where favoritism and politics is heavily involved in conducting business processes. It would be wise enough to struggle and do your own thing to realise your dreams.

As for 2016, its my year of reflecting on the old and looking toward a brighter future. Making it happen and setting standards so whatever achieved is through sheer hard work and the will to succeed.

Francis Darrel


Author: sakeidarrel

I am a confident and ambitious person with practical hands-on to do attitude and a lot of travel experience. Resourceful and proactive, I combine effective communication skills a sound broad knowledge in freelancing opportunities and deliver a satisfactory outcome whilst working alone and as part of a larger team.

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